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Absolutely Great Products

Try them and you will definitely return for more!!

Detox bar
C King

I purchased this for my daughter who has acne breakouts on her back. Since using the detox bar she has already seen an improvement. She loves it, and wants more. Needless to say... I sent her the link! Love all Aurora products that I have tried thus far!!

Naked Body Butter
LaTia McClain-Mann
Love It!

I am very impressed with the products. I have the naked body butter, naked body scrub. & the oat milk soap. They are very moisturizing. Yall better get you some!

Feels Brand new

These products are amazing....I feel so refreshed its crazy. 1 day after use they were talking about how smooth my skin looked. Call me I left my info on IG Message I need recommendations for someone else

Lemon Turmeric
one of my favorite

since using it I have noticed changes with my skin & I love the results I have got so far. I definitely will be purchasing more & would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to even out blemishes or trying to lighten dark spots. This soaps gets the job done, you just have to use it consistently & you’ll see results 👍🏽

Mango Papaya Body Bar
Lameka Jackson

Mango Papaya Body Bar


I've been using it on my daughter's eczema and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY. Her skin gets softer and smoother daily, and I started noticing a difference in only a few days.

Great Product

I love this body butter. It leaves my skin so soft.


I love the way it leathers up and it just cleaned my body so well

Bomb!! And Cleanses

Y’all better get you some of this!! It does what it suppose to do!!

LOVE all the products!! Cant wait for the re-stock. Little hurt I missed the sale but still worth it

It smells amazing!!! and my skin feel so soft. I can not wear big box brand due to my sensitive skin and all the chemicals that they put in their products so this is so amazing to me. I can finally smell feminine. I LOVE IT!!!

Island Vibes Butter

I love this scent! It's clean without being boring. It's just enough for every day. The texture of the butter is amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth without being sticky.

Island Vibes!

The smell, the texture, so amazing! It has a clean tropical scent, I absolutely love the scrub and body butter as well as all other soaps I’ve ordered! Great customer service!

Refresh Facial Moisturizer
Dominique Harrison

I actually noticed a change in my skin right after I used it. I haven’t had to use any oil to keep my face moisturized since I started using ANS. I never leave reviews but had to say something.

Light and Soothing

This serum feels amazing to apply on your face and leaves your skin glowing! I have dry skin, especially during the winter months and since adding this serum to my regimen I haven't had any issues with dry skin.

Lotus (Yoni) Bar
Lauren Pope
PH on point!!!

I love how fresh this bar is. I’m forever loyal to the Lotus Bar

Mango Papaya Body Butter
Ashlee H.
Mango Papaya Body Butter

This body butter is Super moisturizing, long lasting, and OMG it smells amazing! Definitely going to keep this body butter as a repeat purchase.


Love the way the toner deep cleans. I use this in combination with the turmeric bar and it is very effective with clearing dark spots. Absolutely love these products!

Mango Papaya Body Scrub
Michelle Bates

Mango Papaya Body Scrub

Island Vibes Body Scrub
Michelle Bates
Island Vibes

I absolutely love this body scrub. To be totally honest, I have yet to be disappointed with any of the body scrubs that I have gotten from Aura Naturals ... I am here for it💯

Sweetest Nectar

I love this scrub.I love everything about it .The feel, the texture and the smell...OMG to be honest, I absolutely love all of the items that I have gotten. Never seems to amaze me

Rose Hibiscus Body Bar
Michelle Bates
Rose Hibiscus body bar

I absolutely love this soap bar. It really does feel and smells so good on my skin

Aura Body Bar
KC Ross

I stalk her for the products. I need my oak & honey soaps & I tried the Aura Body Bar & some other things & honey…….my skin is thankful. I suffer with eczema & nothing ever works. Once I started using her products, I haven’t had any issues with my skin anymore. Do NOT think this is a gimmick. Her soaps are the truth. AND I blame my 9 month old on her🤣

Mango Papaya Body Bundle
Michelle Bates
Mango Papaya

I absolutely Love this , You did ya thang with this. To be honest, I love everything that i get from here. 💯